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Using Solid Shampoo Bars Guide and Top Tips

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1. Less is more.

We’ve found that many of us tend to use too much product when we make the switch from liquid shampoo to solid bars. Liquid shampoo is full of SLS which is a detergent and water which produces a large volume of lather. When using a solid shampoo bar you do not need this amount of lather.

The secret is to only use a very small amount as our shampoo bars are very concentrated with natural goodness and you do not need a large amount to clean the hair and scalp.


2. A little lather.

We recommend building a gentle lather on your hands and then massaging into the hair and scalp rather than rubbing the bar all over your hair.


3. Rinse.

You will need to rinse your hair thoroughly.


4. Adjustment.

Persevere! It will pay in the long run. Most people report positive results in as little as 1 or 2 washes, but more may be needed to fully remove the silicone build up from commercial shampoos, during which time your hair may look or feel different. Allow enough time for this detox and adjustment period and your hair will never have looked healthier!

Although we have many customers who have no adjustment problems at all, weird or funny feeling hair is not an uncommon issue, even after several weeks of use. The transition period can range from a few days to a few weeks or even a month – it all depends on how damaged your hair is and how much residue and build-up is present.

When you first start using a shampoo bar, your hair or scalp may become oily or dry or even switch between the two. This is your hair that has become addicted to chemical laden shampoo going through a withdrawal from the chemicals and learning to live a chemical free life!

It will go away! It may take some patience, but if you can preserve, your reward will be healthy, soft and silky hair.


5. Why does this happen?

As commercial detergent shampoos strip away the natural protective oils, your scalp produces more oil to compensate. As you transition to a shampoo bar, your scalp needs time to rebalance scalp oil production. during this transition period hair may feel extra greasy or heavy.

SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) strips away your hair’s natural coating which can cause your scalp and hair to become dry. Your scalp may try and compensate this by producing more natural oil which, in turn, can lead to people buying a harsher shampoo being used to combat greasy hair. When we stop using SLS shampoos, our hair needs may take some time to re-balance its oil production. this can take a few days to a few weeks.

Your hair needs to get used to no longer having to fight with SLS and similar harsh chemicals and instead learn to be strong and shine all by itself.

Since we only use natural ingredients in our shampoo bars they are packed full of goodness your hair will love – keep with them and soon you’ll have the shiniest healthiest hair around!

Dog Shampoo Bars

Its paaawfect! Help our furry friends stay clean and healthy with one of our special goat milk soap dog shampoos. Chemical free, additive free, no palm oil, just an an all natural soap which will leave your dogs skin and coat soft and shiny.

Using our goat milk soap for your dog provides moisture to alleviate dry irritated skin. The essential oils in our soaps are great for many dogs and can provide a variety of benefits.

Our soap for dogs and other pets has many benefits for your pet’s skin. It lathers well and is very long lasting

Tested on humans before deemed suitable for animals!

Natural – this soap is gentle enough for everyday use and packed full of vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids that leave your pets coat and skin better than ever.

Tea tree – this soap combines our wonderful goat milk with the essential oil of Tea Tree. An ideal soap for leaving their coat shiny and soft, clearing up skin irritations, inflammation and rashes. A great all round soap for your pet.

Citronella – A sweet and zesty soap with added neem oil to help deter fleas and biting insects. There are many insecticides out there, but too often they have harsh chemicals. This is a natural soap that keeps your pets coat clean and healthy and smelling great whilst keeping any unwanted visitors at bay.

Horse Shampoo Bars

Since our soap had made such a positive difference to humans, we didn’t want our four-legged friends to be left out. Guess what – we tried it and they have never been so soft and shiny! No need for expensive horse shampoo or shine sprays anymore – just natural ingredients that our horses and their skin and coats love!

An all natural and nourishing goat milk soap which aids in treating sore muscles, wounds and itchy skin while helping repel insects and flies. The end result is a very shiny coat and a happy horse!

Clean your horse without stripping the natural oils from their skin – no chemicals in sight.

Each block has a handy rope handle for easy use and to hang it up after use which also helps it to be long lasting.

Each block is a minimum of 250g – although all are handmade and cut so are likely to be much heavier.


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