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We have numerous animals wandering around the place.



These include:

Our famous micropig, Annabelle!

Numerous Pygmy goats – we currently have some kids for sale, please contact us for details.

Miniature horses – we currently have rare breed Falabella ponies that we breed from. Our smallest mare, Mouse, is just 28 inches tall! We are expecting foals from our mares later in the year.

In the distance you might catch a glimpse of Piko, our resident stallion… He is all of 30 inches tall – but don’t tell him that as he thinks he’s much bigger!!!

Zwartble sheep – we have a small flock of zwartble sheep that we produce our own lamb from. How about trying some of our lamb burgers on the BBQ?



*Please note – there is a legal requirement for buying and keeping micropigs and Pygmy goats that you hold a County Parish Holding (CPH) number. CPH registration is free of charge and your application can be made to the Rural Payments Agency on 0845 603 7777.


Our animals are very important to us and we only sell to people we hope will be responsible owners who will remain fully committed to caring for their pet and their welfare. We are always on hand to provide advice if needed.

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